Aamir Khan with lipstick and mascara again

Aamir Khan has yet again donned the garb of a woman for a commercial. In 1995 too, the actor had donned the woman’s avatar for a cabaret song in his film ‘Baazi’. The perfectionist Khan also played woman for two different TV ads in 2005 and 2008. Now, he plays an actor researching for the role of a women, in his new commercial.

The ad sees Aamir dressed in a bright colored salwar kameez, wearing red lipstick and kolh eyes. He visits his neighbours house, leading to a lot of funny instances.

Trusted make-up artist Mickey Contractor, who has been responsible for Aamir’s make over the previous three times, was once again hired for this new commercial.

“Aamir was a bit irritated with the wig and the net that we stuck to the side. He had to shave at least twice a day, wear stockings, a bra and a woman’s costume,” Contractor is quoted as saying.

The trial session itself took two-and-a-half hours. However, all was perfect on the day of the shoot.

“We realised the wig wasn`t working, and we wanted a few other changes as well after that test. So we came back and worked on it. On the day of the shoot, everything came together.” Mickey said.
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