Alok Nath takes it easy on the jokes about him

Though he is not on Twitter, the actor stated that he could only chuckle at whatever was said about him.

  Move over Rajinikant and ACP Pradyuman. The latest public figure to be the butt of jokes on social media is actor Alok Nath.

Last week, #AlokNath started trending and soon the cyberspace was flooding with jokes about the actor. The veteran actor, who was trolled on Twitter and Facebook with funny jokes and memes, has taken it in his stride and is playing along.

A Facebook page, titled "Alok Nath Memes", has been posting the memes.

When asked what started the whole trend, the actor said, "My film Hum Saath Saath Hain was being shown on TV last week. It was one of those sweet films from Rajshri stable which talk about family values. In the film, there was a scene where I am saying something about family values. Somebody just took that line and made a joke about it on the internet. And it hasn't stopped since then."

While he doesn't complain about all the attention he has been receiving, the actor admits that the trend had him worried initially.

"When my name started trending on the social media, I started getting calls from all over the place. It was out of the blue. People were worried that something had happened to me and therefore I was trending. It came as a jolt as I have never experienced something like this. Initially, I got a little worried. I wondered if I had said or done something unknowingly that had got me into all this. But then my kids told me that it's just one of the random things on the internet and is nothing to worry about."

The actor is known for playing the father, who upholds family values and virtues, in television and films. He has been a part of many hit films like Maine Pyaar Kiya, Hum Saath Saath Hain, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Vivaah etc.

He has also essayed the role of babuji on telly soaps like Vidaai and the recent Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. Despite playing negative characters in films like Bol Radha Bol, Vinashak and Shadyantra, the babuji tag has stayed with him and that is what made him a rage on the internet.

Though the actor has reacted sportingly to the jokes about him, he does get disturbed with the ones that are not so savoury.

"There are some jokes that really go below the belt, but it is something that is not in your control. When you like the nice stuff then you cannot really complain about the not-so-nice stuff. Everyone likes to be talked about, it's human nature. It does make you feel important when you are suddenly in the league of Rajinikant and ACP Pradyuman. As long as it is something witty and tongue-in-cheek there is no problem, but then there are some that really get dirty and murky."

When asked if he would react to such jokes, he said, "There is no point saying anything. These things don't last very long. If you take a stand, you are in the ring with these people and it becomes sparring. And there is just no point in doing that. So, it's best to let it die its own death."

Out of the many jokes doing the rounds on Twitter, the actor's favourite are:

So here are some latest ones, picked from Twitter:

@sgangopadhyay: Alok Nath is so so sanskari that he changes his underwear by closing his eyes.

@WebMuskitier: What Is The Full Form Of ALOK ... A LOT OF KANYADAAN'S ...

@ethireal: Alok Nath got a dog..and he barks "Bowji"

@pinboy93: ALOK NATH's favaourite cricket player...HAR 'BHAJAN' SINGH... :D :D

@Mast_Raam: Normally a child's first word is Maa. Alok Nath's first word was 'Beti'!! Maa shocked! Alok Nath rocked!

@TheOnlyNiLadri: #Aloknath says...I don't always go to concert...But when I go, I rock Mata Ki Chowki!

@LungFakeer: Alok Nath goes to buy a condom. Chemist: Which flavor? Alok Nath: Haldi Chandan

@RituRant: Bahu: I am going to supermarket Aloknath: Take my sanskaar. Bahu: Ab baas bhi karo. Aloknath: Arre I mean my son's car.

@iUshhh: Alok Nath is so sanskari that God's wives keep a fast for him, aloka chauth!

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