Diya Aur Baati Hum’s Deepika Singh slapped Anas Rashid

Deepika Singh slapping co-actor Anas Rashid on the sets of Star Plus' very popular show, Diya Aur Bati Hum produced by Shashi-Sumeet Productions.Why?

Well, we now know for a fact that Deepika hit Anas hard. But here we continue from where we left, by giving the exact reasons for this ugly spat.

It is believed that Anas and Deepika have never been on talking terms on the set. And the scenario between them has been pretty sour for some time now. But what fueled this incident was a certain romantic sequence that was shot between Anas and Deepika four days back.

A reliable source from the set gave us this inside information. "The romantic scene required Anas to hold Deepika from behind, but everyone on the set including Deepika were stunned when Anas actually held her from front, holding on to her sensitive part. Of course, Deepika was shocked by this behaviour but was dedicated enough to finish the shoot of the scene.

 However, Deepika did complain about this to her Director and other associated people in the production. Deepika did make a silent protest about it on the sets, but the problem reached no proper solution. The sensitive issue was touched upon again when a junior artist jokingly questioned Deepika if she was not even bothered when touched in the wrong area by a man. And this hurt Deepika's self respect. She decided to have a talk about it with the director yet again, when Anas apparently barged into the picture and started abusing Deepika. This was when Deepika decided to end it all by giving him a tight slap."

On Anas' weird and strange behaviour on the sets for the past few months...

As per highly placed sources, "Success has gotten into the head of the man, and he feels he is a star. He is always in an intoxicated state on the set, and very seldom knows what exactly he is doing. There have been various instances where Anas has simply walked off the set without prior notice, or abused people on the set for no reason at all. In fact, there were even talks in the production few months back of replacing Anas, just because they could not tolerate his nonsense anymore. This incident where he has actually hurt the self respect of Deepika very badly has perhaps provided the perfect foil for the channel and makers to even contemplate on his replacement."

In order to confirm our story we called up Kanika Maheshwari, who plays Meenakshi on the show. She said, “I don’t know anything about this incident. I have not been to the sets for the past three days as I was hospitalised.”

We tried to get in touch with Deepika to find out the truth behind the allegations and the rumour, but her phone was constantly unavailable. Stay tuned to this space to find out more on what happens behind the scene of TV shows.
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