Juhi Chawla sells pizzas!

Juhi Chawla has always mesmerised everyone with her sweet self. She is pretty to look at, charming to talk and a very cute lady. She works less now but does quality work. She finds IPL even more invigorating and it seems, the actress has taken a great liking to the business side of things.

You would expect her to be very busy involving herself in the business of being an IPL team owner like KKR but it seems the lady has time for some pizza spread too. No we aren’t talking about her love for pizza but her new business venture, a pizza joint called Pizza Metro Pizza.

Yes, the actress along with her husband Jay Mehta has opened a restaurant called Pizza Metro Pizza at Kemps Corner in South Mumbai. Talking about it, Juhi said, “It’s become one of my favorites these days as you get the best Italian food and especially pizzas at our restaurant. I am not very active due to the lack of time but yes I am hoping the restaurant will do well. It’s actually my husband Jay’s baby and hence that’s how I have gotten associated with the restaurant. The quality of the food is excellent and hence we are sure that the restaurant will grow through word of mouth.”

Well, Juhi has proved that she is a lucky mascot for any business venture and looking at KKR’s success, we are sure this pizza restaurant will grow in leaps and bounds too!
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