Salman Khan Sister Arpita Khan’s Baby Shower Pics

 Arpita Khan, Salman‘s darling little sister, will soon be a mother. She is glowing by the day. Often, she posts lovely pictures of her with her husband Ayush Sharma and she is increasingly looking good. Today, was her baby shower and you have got see the pictures from the do, they are unbelievably cute. With her group of favourite girls, Arpita is looking really sweet.

You will definitely like the picture where she poses with her equally pregnant friend and it’s adorable. Their bumps face each other and they have a smile on their face. There’s another picture which has the two with their backs to each other. These would-be mommies surely know how to pose. Next is a picture of her with another friend of hers whose wearing a cute bow on her head while Arpita beams next to her. Arpita also clicked a really enchanting picture of herself with her sister Alvira. There’s also one with her adorable family. So much love…this picture will surely make you miss your family if you are away. And then a group photo…with all the lovely ladies.

We can check out the pictures in the gallery above and let us know how cute Arpita looked.

Salman Khan Sister Arpita Khan’s Baby Shower Pics Salman Khan Sister Arpita Khan’s Baby Shower Pics Reviewed by Zoe on 9:32 AM Rating: 5

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